Little Messys


Been part of Little Messys has a whole of benefits for your child. Not only do they learn some amazing new football skills, but they also build their social circle, making new friends along the way, and learn to communicate and listen not only with the coaches, but with the children themselves. But its the boost in confidence that is the most amazing thing that happens in our sessions. Children go from believing that something cannot be done ‘its too hard’, to mastering skills and tricks in a few weeks. The smiles that this brings once they realise they ‘can do’ something is amazing to see.

The confidence doesn’t come straight away and can take a few weeks for your child to engage fully in the sessions, but we find our no pressure approach works perfectly allowing children to join in the parts they wish to to start with and soon enough they complete a full session on their own, while you the parent, encourage from the sidelines.

Children aren’t the only ones who gain things at our sessions, parents too increase their social circle. new friendships are made at sessions, and for some, they may be new to the area, or not get chance to go out much due to other commitments, these friendships help give them some much needed time to have a chat with other like minded people and at the same time enjoy watching their children blossoming on the football field.

Don’t take our word for it though, why not pop along to a session and speak to the parents and children already attending, and they will tell you why been part of Little Messys is a cut above the rest.

Contact us today for more information or to find out about your nearest session, and your well on your way to living life the Little Messys way.