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Coach Harry

Sheffield Coach

Sport in general has always been a huge passion of mine, you name a sport, I’ve probably played it, but football has stuck with me since I was a child and I have always loved playing.

Growing up in Sheffield football is always the centre of conversation having supported Sheffield United all my life the last few years have been pretty rough but I’m happy to say the good times are back!

I have been Coaching for around 3 years now and I am loving my time at Little Messys! There is nothing better than seeing a child running round with a ball and a smile!

I have coached all kinds of sport from Basketball to Rounders to Tag Rugby but there has only ever been one sport I have wanted to do and that is football! Little Messys has given me the chance to work in the sport that I love and makes me feel although I have the best job in the world!

Unfortunately I never really played competitive football other than one season when I was 7 or 8 years old at Brinsworth Whitehill and in college for Longley Park but when I do play I like to think of myself as a playmaker, but I’m more like a benchwarmer.

While I’ve been working here I’ve met some crazy kids, some a lot more crazy than others, but they are all absolutely brilliant and make my job an absolute pleasure!