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Coach Dan

Little Messys Managing Director

It was always my dream to work in sports and when the opportunity came 5 years ago to set up little messys, it became a reality. What started out as a small idea to have fun on a Saturday morning in a small church hall in barnby dun, has over the last 4 years developed into something far more special.

The family has grown massively in that time including more coaches who work tirelessly to ensure that sessions run smoothly (most of the time).

But the real stars at little messys are the amazing children that I and the other coaches get to work with. The children turn up whatever the weather to continue the fun and we are truly proud of them all.

My ethos has always being to build a family rather than a business, and I hooe that we achieve this continually.

My football career was quite a long one playing for various teams in West Yorkshire at a decent level, playing mainly at left back or centre midfield (apart from one glorious season in the wing scoring 27 goals in 21 games).